Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 weeks

Here we go, movin' towards the last trimester! I'm feeling fine, and the babyman moves around everyday, so I guess he's fine too. All our doctors appointments have gone well. We're starting to do uterus measurements (he uses a measuring tape to measure from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus) so that's new. I should be growing a cm a week. This month I also did the diabetes test and went to the anesthesiologist office to watch the epidural video from the 80's. The most enjoyable parts were the big mustaches and other hairstyles, but the needle parts made me squirm around a little.

I'm also realizing that these are the last months in my pre-delivery, pre-nursing, pre-mom body. These are the last weekends of sleeping late and free time for at least several years. SO... I want to make a list of things I like and maybe next year around my birthday I'll make another list and see how things worked out.

I like to eat chips and salsa, Blue Bell ice cream, coca-cola icees, sour patch kids and I have a cup of coffee every morning. (don't worry, those are mostly splurges, I usually eat lots of VEGETABLES!)

I love my job. I enjoy going to work every day, sitting in my office, emailing students about study abroad, talking with parents, being on campus, talking with people in my office, getting to know lots of students, and being helpful. I'm the study abroad coordinator at ACU and I send 200 students abroad every year. I memorize most of their names, can recognize them on campus, and for a few I recognize their parents' numbers on my caller ID. I manage 3 great student workers 30 hours a week. I regularly make presentations to visiting groups of 3-30 people (usually prospective students) and the past few semesters I've traveled around TX with admissions to attend events and help recruit students to ACU. I love to talk about study abroad, especially our semester programs, and really Montevideo is my favorite.

At home I do the dishes a couple times a week and Curtis helps me do all the laundry every two weeks. I'm a pro at making grocery lists, listing items in order of where they're found in the store and making a total price estimate within a couple dollars.

Weeknights we usually eat at home, watch Wheel of Fortune and one more show (I like NCIS, Chuck, The Office and the bachelor). Curtis plays a lot of Mario Kart and I like to watch. When I play, I run into walls, get stressed out and lose.

I like to go to bed at 10:30. I take a shower every day. If I have free time I usually call my mom.

And here's some pictures:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

23 weeks

I feel good these days. I'm never nauseous, I don't have heartburn or headaches, and I can move around easily. But for the record, pregnancy is a little weird. Besides having a whole baby boy inside me (which is very weird to think about) there's lots of strange things that seem to be normal parts of pregnancy. Hormones have given me some little dots on my face, three small stretch marks, and sweaty palms and feet. I also have a stuffy nose. It's cool - right now I feel thankful and content.

There seems to be a very long semester in front of me, and after that, the unknown world of parenting. Right now I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning at 11:00 when my 56 Spring '09 study abroad students will have left Abilene for DFW and airports around the world.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sonogram Pictures

Ok, here's the sonogram pictures. They're fuzzy and not super cute, so I wasn't in a hurry to get them on the blog. The top picture is a foot. The second picture shows the heart cavity and the heart beat, it was much cooler on the video. The bottom picture is the baby's face. I think there's some umbilical cord floating in front of his chest or something, because his body seems like it's a weird shape/size compared to his head. Oh well. The face picture grows on you. :-)

Baby's doing fine. He kicks around every day, which really is encouraging to me. Yesterday I had a stomach bug. We called our doctor after I vomited the first time, and they said to just rest and drink fluids, so I stayed on the couch all day. I was glad that Curtis had the day off to stay at home with me. I'm fine today.

Monday starts another semester of Study Abroad fun! I really do love my job. I'm super excited about the Welcome Back Dinner (later in January) because we get to have it in ACU's new Hunter Welcome Center! I also like the spring semester because we have our annual Photo Contest. I'm looking forward to being in the office, working on my computer, seeing the students and rescuing my wilted office plant from the long Christmas vacation.