Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some pictures for Kara

Yeah! Pictures! He's getting too busy to smile for pictures, but he's still a cutie. We have lots of fun. We play peek-a-boo around the house, tickle games, and sometimes he likes to roll a ball back and forth. He always enjoys hitting his ball and chasing it around the house. Curtis plays a really fun "blast off" game with him. He says, "Three... two... one... Blast Off!!" and throws William up in the air, and after a couple of times, he says "Three... two... one... *exploding sound!*" and lets William fall down fast almost to the floor. William LOVES this game and laughs every time. Whoever is watching Curtis laughs too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Almost a year

William's birthday is in a few weeks. I'm trying to remember to sing Happy Birthday every day so he'll like the song.

He's a big boy now. He can reach the doorknobs and the edge of the kitchen counter. He is very interested in any kind of door or drawer. This morning he opened up a cabinet in his room, took out a cuddly blanket, closed the cabinet and fell on the blanket to snuggle. Cute. He likes to stand up and push things down the hall. His favorites are his car and the laundry basket. He loves the elephants in his room. He wants to go around the room and visit all the elephants, touch their eyes, and say, "eh, eh, eh." We do this at least twice a day.

He eats a ton. I thought it would be five years before he ate as much as me, but we probably eat about the same amount of food right now! William might eat more! It's crazy. He likes to try to eat with a spoon, but he licks it like a popsicle. He also likes to drink out of an open cup, after he puts his big hand in and splashes around a little... We almost always use a sippy cup.

He takes one nap a day and sleeps at night from 7-7. It's nice.

This week we have a play date with Aunt Elizabeth, coffee date with a mom from church, and probably another zoo trip. I love going to the zoo! They have two baby jaguars right now that are either precious and sleepy or running around trying to attack their mom. I feel like that momma jaguar and I have some things in common.