Saturday, June 27, 2009

Success at the Theater

We went to the movies!! Curtis and I watched Star Trek today and William sat in the seat between us and slept through the whole show! Well, he was a little unsettled during the red dinosaur part, but he went right back to sleep. I couldn't believe it! I was so worried that he would start crying... that I would have to take him outside... or breastfeed him during the movie... but he didn't cry, it was easy, and I loved the movie. A big success!

Another story: The ladies at church have been asking when I'll start coming to the afternoon bible study again. I haven't been since I had William. I decided that this week would be a good time. So, Thursday, 5:30, I pulled up in Kay's driveway and I was the first car there. I went up to the porch and noticed that the dining room lights were off. Kay answered the door before I knocked and said, "Well hi Lauren, what are you two doing here?"
"We came to the bible study."
"Is today Tuesday?"
"No, it's Thursday. Is the bible study on Tuesday?!"
Yes, I had totally gotten the day wrong. Kay invited me in anyways and I enjoyed a coke and a break while Kay and her husband played with William. I ended up hanging out on their couch for THREE hours! They suggested that I go run some errands or take a nap, but I was sure that William would need ME any minute, so I stayed on the couch. But he didn't need me and I should have taken a nap. Next time. And that was good to see that William can hang out with other people and be happy. I guess I knew he could, but it's hard for a mom to believe that other people can take of her baby.

William's doing really well. We just finished packing up his 0-3 month clothes and filling his drawers with 3-6 month clothes. Thanks to Hannah and her son, Mason, William has lots of cool things to wear. (Plus all our outfits we got at the showers!) According to the bathroom scales, he's 14 pounds! What a chunk. He usually goes to bed around 11 and gets up sometime between 4 and 7. He slept 'til 6 or 7 twice this week. Nice. We're still enjoying diapers and wipes from the showers and when those run out, we'll jump into our stack of gift cards. We're very thankful, even though I haven't sent out thank you notes STILL!

Here's a picture of William a few weeks ago when he was skinny and had hair... but I wanted to show you how he sleeps in his crib: all spread out!

And here's a picture of him sleeping in his swing today. :-) Look at that belly!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family meets William

I don't have any real memory of this, so I'm glad Curtis took the video!