Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 29

I've been sick this week with a cold, and it's not fun. I started feeling bad last Wednesday, the 18th and it's been a long eight days since then. I'm at the end of it (the coughing stage) so hopefully I can rest and be back to my normal pregnant health soon.

The exciting news is that our stroller came in today! It's a chicco cortina travel system in case you want to look up professional pictures on the web. For now, here's some shots I took in the living room.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We have arrived at 28 weeks! This is the beginning of my third trimester, and today it was time to go through all my mostly borrowed clothes again. I guess it makes sense that the pants that fit in December are too small now, and the pants that I put away so quickly because they were so big, fit me just a few weeks later! So it's time to switch out the clothes in my closet again. Please don't be concerned about whether or not I have enough maternity clothes - I have lots of great options! Today I got to try on 8 different pairs of khaki capri pants and take my pick. Nice. But it'll probably take me another week to get all the bigger maternity clothes washed and put away.

Earlier this week we had a doctors appointment. The most interesting thing was that our doctor had a high school student shadowing him. Before the doctor came in, our nurse told us about the high school student and asked us if it would be alright. I'm all about education, internships and shadowing experiences (plus I figured there's no way that Curtis and I would know the student) so we agreed. As stories go, it was a student we both knew! This girl had visited ACU a few weeks before, and a few months ago we sat by her mom at a Wylie football game. It wasn't awkward, it was good. She helped the doctor measure my uterus - 27 cm. Our doctors appointments are going to be every 3 weeks for the next month or two, then we'll start going every 2 weeks, and eventually every week. Lots of doctors visits...

Thursday night I got to go to the Welcome Back Dinner for my Fall 2008 study abroad students. It was pretty fancy. We got to use the new Hunter Welcome Center building, and our dinner was served in Ballroom A. Awesome! It's nice to have a special night for the students. I have a nice boss and he gave me a pretty flowering plant in front of everyone since this is my last Welcome Back Dinner. I had to look up the name of the plant online, it's a cyclaman. You should check it out.

For Valentine's Day Curtis and I went to a relationship seminar at our church. It was good, but it was all day. They had lots of snacks, good games, and it's always good to talk about good communication skills, personality differences and all that. We were tired afterwards, so we didn't go out last night. We stayed home and watched Gladiators. I picked it, and I know it's a funny choice for Valentines.

Tomorrow is Presidents Day, but neither Curtis nor I have the day off, so it'll be a normal Monday.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nursery Bedding

Here's a link to our bedding for the nursery:

We're borrowing this bedding from our friend, Whitney. I'm super excited about it because I've always loved stars and it's nice, calming colors.