Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bowling Tournament

Yesterday Kathy and I took our bible class to a nursing home for a Wii Bowling Tournament! We each were paired up with a resident, then the residents played the odd frames and we played the even frames. I'm glad we got to be on teams! Several residents bowled solid strikes or spares every turn while we seemed lucky to pick up some pins! The activities coordinator was great, she even had medals for the winning teams. :-) Here's some pictures:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 32

Oops, it's been a while since I posted on here. I'm over my cold and tonight I finally felt up to catching up on dishes and laundry and the blog... but now I'm super tired. There's still a load in the washer, a load in the dryer and dry clothes on the bed, ready to be put away.

My pregnancy really is going great. Un-named Baby is moving around and growing all the time. We have quick doctors appointments every two weeks, and those have been easy so far.

Over Spring Break Curtis and I went to the metroplex to visit the Math people at UNT and UTA. There's lots of different types of math nerds... I like mine best. We also got to see our good friends Rachael and Stephen and my parents and sister came up to say hi. They took us out for some awesome Mexican food! Yes!

When we got home we saw that our two remaining fish, Red Dragon and Loot 10, were dead. This was probably because we left the heat off while we were gone. I'm not upset about it. Curtis and I started that aquarium Christmas 2004, had friends fish-sit when we went to Uruguay Summer '05, moved the aquarium to our house on Austin Street, moved it to 18th Street, and moved it to our current house. That was enough aquarium time for me. Sunday I spent a lot of time cleaning the tank and decorations and preparing them for deep storage. The 10 gallon aquarium is packed and awaiting a lift to the garage. I still like fish, a few nights ago I enjoyed checking out lots of videos about aquariums on awesome.

Curtis is on a church softball team! They had their first game last night and it was so fun! We got beat 25-5 by some balding, pot-bellied old men from the Clyde First United Methodist Church. It really was fun, and we're still enjoying laughing about some of the plays! Of course Curtis did an awesome job at first base.

It feels like a heartburn night, so I'm going to take some of my Tums and hit the sack. Oh - this was something I wanted to mention- Hannah took some maternity pictures for us and there's some samples on her blog,

Here's a Hello from Tommy and the baby: