Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stay-At-Home Mom

I'm enjoying living on my own schedule.

The first day that Curtis went to school, I was antsy. I spent about three hours moving William from room to room, swing, cradle, crib, floor mat, lap, repeat. I didn't know what I should be doing with my day. I didn't know when it was ok to take a shower, check the mail, or take out the trash, because I didn't have Curtis around to keep an eye on the William and Tommy duo.

But I'm figuring things out and this week is going really well. William sleeps a lot in the mornings, so I'm able to work on things. Yesterday, before The Price Is Right, I washed the Blazer with a hose and a sponge! I don't remember the last time that car was washed!

Today I replaced our broken toilet seat, and that was really a tough job! I don't know how much you know about the mechanics of toilet seats, but their held onto the porcelain thrown by screws, and those screws have big plastic nuts on the underside of the toilet. So, my toilet seat had rusty, corroded screws, and the nuts WOULD NOT screw off. The attempted unscrewing involved me sitting sideways on the toilet seat, with my head between my knees, trying to use pliers to unscrew the crazy nut. After an hour, I had an almost shredded piece of plastic that had moved down the screw a centimeter, with maybe 5 centimeters to go. That's when the Dremmel and safety goggles came out. Power tools are pretty cool. Since the nut was a little ways down the screw, I could get the dremmel in there and cut through the nut on two sides, then pull off each half with the pliers. Awesome! The other untouched nut was harder to cut since it was right up against the toilet, and this side of the toilet is closer to the wall. But I got the dremmel in there and figured if I could cut/melt off a big chunk of the nut, I could rip the rest off. Flying hot plastic pieces and several sparks later, I was able to rip off that crazy nut!! hahaha! I seriously ran two victory laps around the house with my hands up in the air. I've saved what's left of the nuts and I'll carry them around in my purse for a while, so please ask to see them! :-)


brenda said...

I'm so happy you're a stay-at-home Mom :-) Sounds like you're doing great...maybe we should think about getting you your own tool belt!

Elizabeth Graham said...

You are CRAZY!! =) And you crack me up!